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OE3XNR RMS down due to lightning strike

OE3XNR-10 and OE3XNR-11 got hit by lightning on 2021-07-24. We still evaluate the damage. We will be back online soon, hopefully.

73, Rainer, OE3GWU

WB4SON-10 Back on Air

Following a power failure, the PC rebooted as expected, but Packet Express did NOT auto-start, despite being in the start group, until the Password/Pin box popped up following a <Return> key press. This is not the expected behavior (the start items should start on their own). Exploring why that is an issue. In the mean time, the PC is now on a UPS (it was on a battery supply with auto fail-over).

73, Bob, WB4SON

KB6YNO/KB6YNO-10 RMS back on-the-air


So much for "Next Day" service with Amazon. 2 days has been more like it. At any rate, the station is now back up and operating normally.

This has, knock on wood, been the first failure I've had in many years. Fingers crossed!

73 de Eric, KB6YNO


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