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K7HTZ - Olympia, WA upgrades

K7HTZ-10 upgrades VARAFM1200 to included VARAFM9600 at 145.020 FM on 50w VHF (2m) using a Kenwood TM-251/a and a DRA-50 sound card. Both VARAFM variants (1200 vs 9600) are compatible with each other. VARAFM digipeat access provided thru K7IF-3 on 145.020. Digipeat sample: K7HTZ-10 via K7IF-3 on 145.020. Traffic received is automatically routed to the CMS via terrestrial or space-based internet backed up with HF (Hybrid) radio. Station also supports Packet FM on 145.630 and four HF frequencies over Pactor, Ardop and VARA HF modes over the Winlink Hybrid network.

KF7RSF Sick radio

No power output on USB-Data modes from internal soundcard. Off the air until repaired.

W6SCF-10 Offline

W6SCF-10 failed to restart again this week. Unfortunately I am not able to visit the site until at least Monday afternoon. I have emailed the site owner in hope they may be around to power cycle the computer earlier.

In the mean time the digipeat function continues to operate and there are several RMS stations within range.


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