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W0BNC-10 Vara FM to be relocated

I've had very little luck with my W0BNC-10 Vara FM gateway at my house, as I sit in a bit of a bowl between myself, and both Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. I am blocked out just enough by the ridgeline between me and those cities that no one can get a good connection. So I will be relocating the equipment to our club's repeater site at CSU, hopefully today 3-21-2023. When completed, it should be back up on both Vara FM and packet on 144.930.

KM4YGV-10 Gateway

The Pasco County KM4YGV-10 Gateway is currently off the air. Parts are on order.
It is planned to return to service before April 2023.


HB9AK: Back to normal 40 m operation: pactor modem QRV agn

Functionality of Pactor modem (DR-7400) could be reestablished. 40 m TRX now supports again modes PACTOR 1-4, VARA (500, 2300, 2750) and ARDOP 2000.
Same modes of course still available on all other bands (80, 30, 20, 17, 15 m). On 30m, also Robust Packet is available. For 10 m operation, please use HB9AK-1 or HB9AK-14.


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