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KD6OAT: temporarily offline

Beginning 7:30PM MST, gateway KD6OAT will be offline until internet connectivity problems have been resolved. An update to this post will be made once reliable service has been achieved. There is no anticipated time/date when this will happen.
Ken - KD6OAT

NND4FL new computer giving me fits

The new-and-improved computer for NND4FL is continuing to give me FITS. It won't stay on my house wifi network. I'm still working on ways to fix it. Sorry for the outages; it goes to radio-forwarding when it loses the network. Nothing else in my house has this problem. I guess I'm going to have to replace the computer once again. The VISTA computer that used to be there functioned for YEARS without any problems at all. Something is weird wrong with Microsoft on this replacement. It isn't winlink fault at is the computer itself.

VO1MFK will be offline until further notice.

Due to TX errors on my FT-857D, VO1MFK will be offline until further notice.
I may have to send the radio to Yaesu for repair.


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