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3B8DU Intermittent

Sent a previous post which seems to have vanished.

Sending again a new version:

Dear All,

Happy new year 2020 to all,

3B8DU RMS have been 24/7 active for a few years, but unfortunately due to moving to a new QTH in LG89ux (previous was LG89sq) in the North of 3B8, and due to many software upgrades (Microsoft...) unattended but also due that on old QTH I have no UPS, thus reboot at each power cut which was due to bad weather this side (cyclones).

I therefore request any user for the inconvenience caused to accept my apologies.

K2RDX Down

K2RDX RMS (San Jose, CA CM97ah) down for antenna repairs and modifications. Expect to be back on by Saturday January 25.

W4UVA-10 down for maintenance and upgrades

W4UVA-10 is down for a week or so for upgrades. When restored to service, it will be configured with an Intel mini-PC running Linux, linbpq, and Direwolf. It will also have several days of battery backup power.


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