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AB4NX is back up

I had planned to remove the gateway from the air until I could move it. It is now back up on the air. It will be moved to the north Georgia mountains sometime in October.

DB1FW switched to RMS Trimode

I switched from BPQ32 to RMS Trimode and RMS Relay. Now testing.

W6IDS Gateway Is Down

My HF system was hit with two power outages in quick succession during a Thunderstorm. The ICOM IC-746 (Pre-PRO) was damaged such that it is in permanent TX mode. This is caused by an IC failure, one of many in the transceiver that are no longer available.

This failure occurred while I was at work. The gateway will be down a while, effective 21 SEP 2020 while I consider possibilities for a replacement radio.

Howard W6IDS
Richmond, IN


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