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DC Gateway Dropping Support for WINMOR on August 1st 2020

I have been pushing for this for over a year and now that the Board has finally agreed to formally drop support (YEA), I will remove Winmor protocol on Aug 1, 2020

KG5KS - WINMOR Has Been Removed -

As of today Winmor has been deactivated here, VARA and ARDOP and soon P2, P3 will be added.

Thank you


K7HTZ - WINMOR services terminated

10 July 2020 -- The Board of Directors of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation voted in a recent virtual meeting to deprecate the WINMOR HF mode in the Winlink system.

The Winlink Team now devotes its resources to other projects and will drop support for WINMOR on the Winlink system. Other modes like ARDOP offer the same advantages with superior performance.


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