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KF7RSF Bandon OR back in service FREQUENCY CHANGE ON 80M

Tower back to normal height and antennas in service.
Made a change to scanned frequency for 80M channel - moved to high end of ACDS window to avoid a severe local noise issue still under diagnosis.
Not in my house! HA HA I'll get you, sucker!!


Station KF7RSF down for severe weather event 12/8-11

Winds on site predicted for greater than 70 mph through Saturday morning.
Tower semi-nested to reduce wind exposure.
Pray for all my shiny aluminum!


KA3BQE starting my RMS gateway adventure

I did not know about this blog until I was hunting around.

I have never setup a VHF RMS gateway before. I thought I had all the pieces but I'm waiting on some cables. But once I do I plan to get it up and running in our bunker (AKA utility room) in the basement. In the meantime, I've added the tower standoffs for the added VHF antenna that is going to go up as long as I have warm enough weather to work with.

I was able to install the RMS gateway and the RMS Relay software along with UZ7HO soundmodem.


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