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W7YAM-10 VHF RMS Dual Mode Gateway Now Has a UHF Dual Mode Partner

The new UHF W7YAM-10 RMS Dual Mode Gateway now supports both 1200 baud Packet and Wide Mode VARA FM.

W7YAM-10 is Back Online and Available

W7YAM-10 located near the peak of Eola Hills in the Central Willamette Valley of Oregon is fully operational once again at 144.960.

Its UHF Sister Station at 441.800 is still not operational.

W7YAM-11 Is Now Available and Is Accessible Via Digipeater W7YAM-5 at 144.920 MHz

With the continuing Internet outage of W7YAM-10 and W7YAM-12 RMS Stations, reinstatement of W7YAM-11 has been expedited. A temporary low elevation antenna has been placed pending placement of the permanent antennas at the site. Testing has proven it to be back operational.

Testing has also shown that W7YAM-11 is accessible via the Digipeater W7YAM-5 at a frequency of 144.920


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