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W7YAM-10 VHF & W7YAM-11 temporarily Down Due to Issue with RMS Packet Update

This morning I found the 5 RMS Packet gateways I SYSOP for were all down. All five received auto-updates of RMS Packet Version: These are located at three different locations,

For W7YAM-10 UHF (441.050), W7OWO-10 VHF (144.080), and W7OWO-10 (441.000) are now operational, as the issue was due to an error due to a error in the auto-startup script not handling an update properly. A simple reboot solved the immediate issue and these three are now operational. I will work on fixing the script as time permits.

W7YAM-10 VHF RM Dual Mode Gateway Frequency is now 144.970

The frequency of the VHF W7YAM-10 Dual Mode RMS Gateway was increased by 10 kHz. From 144.960 MHz to 144.970 MHz.

The W7YAM-10 RMS Gateway VHF & UHF Now Support. Winlink Digipeating

W7YAM-10 RMS Gateways now include both a VARA FM and Packet Digipeater.

The Packet Software TNC and VARA FM on 144.960 and 441.050 are now configured to also perform as Digipeaters when addressed as W7YAM-6. Located near the crest of the Eola Hills, this should open up portions of multiple counties in the North Central Willamette Valley to VHF and UHF Peer-to-Peer connections.


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