User Support and Help

Besides the Book of Knowledge and other resources of this web site, and help files contained in each program, your best place to go for answers are email groups ('list servers' or 'email reflectors') manned by gurus and knowledgeable, up-to-date volunteers. Posting a question along with technical details of a problem will get you a quick and current answer--or several.

To avoid confusion and stay sane, we do not recommend a general web search for technical information on Winlink. You will find incorrect and outdated information on many different web sites that we can't control.

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Winlink Programs Group Owned by the Winlink Development Team
This is our primary support forum. Post bug reports here! If you need help using a Winlink client or sysop program, or any other station-oriented issue, post here. The purpose of the group is to provide help to users of programs developed by the Winlink Development Team. This includes client programs Winlink Express and Paclink; gateway programs RMS Trimode, RMS Packet, RMS Relay; and other utilities and administrative programs. Help and discussion of any aspect of the Winlink system is welcome. The forum also supports Emcomm discussions and postings of Winlink use in real incidents or training venues.

Other Email Groups

Owned by third-parties

    The author of VARA-HF and VARA-FM, Jose Alberto Nieto Ros EA6HVK, runs a group to answer questions about the VARA mode. The group covers both VARA HF and VARA FM.
    The main forum for users of the ARDOP (Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol). ARDOP is an open-source HF software modem offering high-throughput and adaptive multi-bandwidth operation.
    ARDOP Developers is the meeting place for contributors and testers of the open-source ARDOP (Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol), a multi-bandwidth adaptive HF software modem offering high throughput. Source code and technical specifications are downloadable from the files area.
    VARA is an HF sound-card software modem offering high-throughput, fixed 2.5 KHz wide-bandwidth operation. The author, Jose Ros EA5HVK, monitors the group.
    RadioMail is an iOS client for the iPhone by Island Magic Co. Winlink in your pocket! Full app support here by the author.
    A general purpose list for things like: Beginner questions on setting up Airmail software, tips on using and connecting to the Winlink system, frequency updates, Winlink station status and new station additions are all welcome on this list.
    Software and support of the Paclink-Unix client program project is now on GitHub.
    A user group established by John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ and Ron Stordahl AE5E (ex N5IN) for BPQ32. BPQ for DOS and BPQ32 for Windows were written by John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ and have a considerable following of appreciative users. LinBPQ is a Linux version of the software. The programs offer many configurable roles, from client, to HF or VHF/UHF gateway, to a general-purpose AX.25 BBS node, and more. BPQ32 includes BPQMailChat, a modern BBS and Chat system, and BPQAPRS, an APRS Mapping and Messaging application. Many useful BPQ32 utilities and configuration examples are included.
    LinuxRMS Gateway sysop program, with support from the authors and the program's user community is on GitHub.
    PAT is a cross-platform client written in Go. The author, Martin, LA5NTA monitors the group.
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