Position Reports

Shown: Most recent position within the last ten days for all reporting stations. Enter callsign or click a marker for that station's history.

NCS for recognized Maritime Mobile Nets may be approved to enter positions on behalf of any vessel at sea. Contact the webmaster for access.

How to Delete a Report
Submit a new report or copy the old report using the exact time and date of the one to be deleted, and include the comment DELETE.

Tracking Service
Embed a tracking map with positions over the last 12 months using this URL:
https://cms.winlink.org:444/rss/positionreports.aspx?callsign= [insert callsign]
XML RSS track feed:
https://cms.winlink.org:444/rss/rsspositionreports.aspx?callsign= [insert callsign]

Don't forget to archive your position report history! After a year, they're gone and can't be recovered.
You can download all stored positions for your callsign in KML format (Google Earth) using this URL:
https://cms.winlink.org:444/kml/KmlPositionReports.aspx?callsign= [insert callsign]

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