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Winlink Webmail portal is back online (Sep 10, 0400 UTC).

Further work to upgrade Webmail software continues but will not affect current users.

--The Winlink Development Team


What is ShakeOut?
The Great ShakeOut is the world's largest earthquake drill. It is held annually on the third Thursday of October, and millions of people participate all over the world. In 2022 over 200 million people participated worldwide. The goal of the ShakeOut is to teach people how to protect themselves during an earthquake.
National Shakeout partners include USGS, FEMA, CUSEC, NSF, NEHRP, ECA, SCEC and more!

The ShakeOut drill is simple. At the designated time, participants Drop, Cover, and Hold On (DCHO). This means getting under a sturdy desk or table and holding on until the shaking stops.

SHARES and Amateur Radio Operators can then send an EXERCISE Winlink "Did you feel it?" (DYFI) message to the US Geological Survey (USGS).
In real events Winlink DYFI ground truths contribute to USGS earthquake intensity assessments and event response products, like PAGER. The PAGER system provides fatality and economic loss impact estimates following significant earthquakes worldwide and is used by governments, agencies, NGOs, private companies and citizens.

Please note that ONLY Winlink offers the DYFI exercise option! An exercise option is NOT available on the USGS DYFI website - so it is a unique Winlink feature! And yes, Winlink DYFI exercise reports are sent to the USGS!

How can Radio Operators participate?

RadioMail for iOS

We are excited to announce the release of RadioMail, a new client app for the iPhone by Island Magic Co. of Kaua'i, Hawaii. With RadioMail, you can easily send and receive Winlink emails via telnet or pair with modems to exchange emails over the air.


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Boat Watch
The mission of Boat Watch is to maintain a worldwide network of resources to aid mariners that are missing or overdue; have a boat stolen; or to whom urgent messages need to be relayed. Winlink Global Radio Email is proud to be a partner of BoatWatch.org since 1999.

Current Watches
See Boatwarch.org for a current listing of lost or overdue vessels.

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