New Pre-Release of Paclink-Open-Source

Paclink-Open-Source is an open project of the Winlink Development Team intended to modernize common Winlink code and prepare for future ports to non-Windows platforms. Your participation in testing and development is invited! Join the team!

These pre-releases are intended to gauge current status of the project and determine what needs to be fixed.

The latest release can be downloaded from

If you are interested in participating in development, please contact Moneer Salem, [email protected], or Lee Inman at [email protected], or use the links on the GitHub repository page at

--The Winlink Development Team

Introducing the IONOS Simulator

Featured in the March/April 2022 issue of ARRL's QEX Magazine. BUY IONOS

The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation introduces the IONOS Channel Simulator, an audio-processing radio path simulator that models common HF and VHF/UHF propagation channels. It is intended to accelerate modem and protocol design, analysis, optimization and comparison, but has other uses as well. BUY IONOS


On The Air Podcast Covers Winlink

August 18, 2021--On The Air Podcast host Steve Ford, WB8IMY, has a nice chat with Oliver Dully, K6OLI --the LA region's DEC-- about Winlink from the user's perspective. On The Air is the ARRL magazine for beginning to intermediate hams and the podcast supplements an issue's contents. Listen to the program and learn about Winlink Global Radio Email at the link below:

ARRL's On The Air Episode 20

Thanks to the ARRL and to Oliver!


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