V4Chat is Deprecated

June 22, 2020 -- The V4Chat Program has been available for download here for several years. The program was created as a testbed for the experimental V4 protocol/mode and served it's purpose well, but it did gain popularity after the testing program among Ham experimenters as a fun program for on-air chats. Because of the Winlink Team's limited resources, our development and use of improved modes, and the decline in the on-air use of V4, we have decided to deprecate both the program and mode. V4Chat support will no longer be available from the Winlink Team. Users who have registered the program within the last six months are eligible for a refund from ARSFI by simply requesting it by email and including your callsign and full name. Users interested in a similar chat program using a modern protocol should look at VARA Chat, available at https://rosmodem.wordpress.com.

--The Winlink Development Team

Introducing the IONOS Simulator

Featured in the March/April 2022 issue of ARRL's QEX Magazine. BUY IONOS

The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation introduces the IONOS Channel Simulator, an audio-processing radio path simulator that models common HF and VHF/UHF propagation channels. It is intended to accelerate modem and protocol design, analysis, optimization and comparison, but has other uses as well. BUY IONOS


VARA HF 4.0 -- Network cutover June 30, 2020


VARA HF 4.0 is a major upgrade that offers additional speed, robustness and utility, including a new robust 500 Hz narrow bandwidth mode.

The Winlink Team has planned a careful network cutover to this new version on June 30, 2020, because it does not offer backwards compatibility with earlier versions. RMS running VARA HF 4.0 will not communicate with VARA 3-equipped clients.

A VARA HF 4.0 upgrade package is available now for early download at:

To avoid early incompatibilities this package will not allow installation and use until June 30. This delay is to allow critical information to flow about the upcoming breaking change, and to allow users who intend to be offline on the cutover date to download it now for installation on or after June 30.

ALL RMS Operators:
AT THIS TIME, please add the following announcement to a BANNER.txt file in Trimode or other RMS application to help inform your users:

"ON JUNE 30, 2020, Winlink VARA HF RMS stations will switch to use VARA HF 4.0, which is incompatible with earlier versions. Client stations should prepare early to upgrade. Download VARA HF 4.0 from https://rosmodem.wordpress.com now, and install it on June 30 or after."

Thanks and 73,

The Winlink Team



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Boat Watch
The mission of Boat Watch is to maintain a worldwide network of resources to aid mariners that are missing or overdue; have a boat stolen; or to whom urgent messages need to be relayed. Winlink Global Radio Email is proud to be a partner of BoatWatch.org since 1999.

Current Watches
See Boatwarch.org for a current listing of lost or overdue vessels.

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