Winlink Express Forms Information

Some forms due to limited or local use have been removed from the Auto-update process of Standard Templates. However, they are still be available for individual download and manual installation into your Global > Templates directory. Click here to read more, and download!

Notice: Standard Library HTML templates are auto-updated to your system via an internet connection.
Auto Update Notice and Process

If needed, an EASY 4-step method to manually update HTML Standard Library Templates is available:
How To Manually Update Standard Forms

About HTML Forms

HTML form template files are used to send formatted documents between users of Winlink Express. Document content is contained in a small .xml data file that is transported, then can be opened and rendered as a professional looking HTML form with Express. Form templates that allow the HTML renderings are stored on each copy of Express, and are kept current using an internet auto-update process. Once displayed, rendered forms can be copied, saved, printed, or sent on in their normal fully-rendered size to non-Express recipients. The interactive forms HTML process from sender to receiver only occurs within Winlink Express.

Form content is also sent as plain text within the body of the message, formatted as good as possible, to allow viewing by anyone without the form template. A non-Express user such as a normal email recipient, can read the information. In this case, the attached .xml file is ignored and need not be opened. A few forms will have no .xml file as their primary audience is non-Express users, thus no rendered viewer.

Templates are as close as possible to original forms. Some differences or additions may be seen to accommodate radio delivery and work within Winlink Express, or may be due to different browser rendering mechanisms. While HTML has a set of standards, not all browsers conform and display form elements exactly the same way. Adjust your browser screen size or text size if any of the fields appear wrong. In addition, you will need to manage on your system how forms are printed, as printers and their respective routines vary from system to system. In some cases, landscape is better than portrait printing.

Winlink Express templates are designed to work from Express to Express without internet for radio delivery.

All form template code is unlicensed open-source, in the public domain. You may modify forms, but if you do so, they may not be compatible with our standard release versions. If you wish to have new forms added to the official library or feel your modifications should be published and supported with updates, please submit them to the WDT Template group. If you just wish to use locally for your group, place in the GLOBAL > TEMPLATES folder of Express.

We welcome questions, suggestions, or noted errors and will respond as best we can.

--Mike XE2/N6KZB, Forms Manager emeritus
--Greg KG6SJT, Primary Forms Writer


  • Review the help file in your Express program.
  • Post your question on the official Winlink Programs Google Group: Winlink Programs Group
  • Contact the Winlink Forms Manager, Oliver Dully, K6OLI, with any questions.
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