IONOS HF/VHF/UHF Channel Simulator

Featured in the March/April 2022 issue of ARRL's QEX Magazine. BUY IONOS


Software Developers
The Winlink Development Team is looking for talented software developers who have expertise in Digital Signal Processing, VB, C#, C, C++ with Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Open-Source Project Management, Git and AWS. We need developers who can move our programs to new platforms and environments, and to help develop new projects for the future. If you have some volunteer time, are willing to help, work well with others and would like to join an accomplished team, please contact Tom, KA6IQA

Using Winlink HTML Forms (Video)

This video of a presentation to San Diego ARES by Winlink Team member Mike Burton, N6KZB, is a fine aid to learning the best practices of HTML forms use in Winlink Express.



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