Winlink Express and VARA on Linux / Mac - Updated Instructions

Some changes in the latest versions of VARA had broken my earlier recipes on getting Winlink Express and VARA to work under Intel-compatible processors for Linux and Mac.

So I have re-written and tested the instructions and can reliably get Winlink Express and the latest VARA and ARDOP working on i386 CPUs using Linux and Mac OS X.

Linux Instructions:

Mac OS X Instructions:

For those of you who are hoping to get Winlink Express and VARA working on the ARM processors such as the Raspberry Pi, there is a very involved method of putting a version of Windows and emulation support on a Raspberry Pi 4, but I can't support it as I don't consider it realistic or stable enough to go through the effort. IMHO you are better off using a single board computer with an Intel-compatible CPU such as Latte Panda or Rock Pi.


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