WB4SON-10 Switching to new miniPC

WB4SON-10 will be down for an hour or so starting at 17:15 UTC June 13, 2021.

This is to allow for a switchover to a miniPC. When back on the air, WB4SON-10 Wide VARA FM Gateway will consist of the following:
Alinco DR-135T MkIII on 145.050 MHz
Master's Communications DRA-50 (with Alinco Adapter)
ACEPC AK2 miniPC (8GB RAM, 120GB Flash, Win10 Pro on a Quad Core 1.5 MHz Celeron)
Samlex SEC-1223BBM auto battery changeover power supply
100 AH Solar Charged Battery backup

73, Bob, WB4SON

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