W7PFB-10 Station changes

W7PFB-11 has been shifted from BPQ running on a Raspberry PI and a TNC-X onto different hardware in order to support VARA FM.

Vara FM appears to be both the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas rolled into one. The Soundmodem soft TNC and the VARA FM soft TNC happily coexist and the station seems to seamlessly support both VARA and packet with no difficulties. Adding VARA FM support has sparked a surge of interest in VARA locally and performance is dramatically better than 1200 baud packet. I encourage other operators to explore supporting VARA FM.

The new configuration consists of:
* Windows 10 laptop running Winlink RMS.
* Masters Communications DRA-50 sound card
* VARA FM in wide mode
* Soundmodem supporting 1200 baud packet
* Alinco DR-135T

Comments, feedback, and questions would be welcome, please send them to [email protected]

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