How to Send a Message to Yourself

The Winlink system allows you to send and receive to internet email addresses and users--other than yourself--using their Winlink account address, [email protected]. You can't send from within the system on client software to your own account because it would set up an endless delivery 'loop', so it's not permitted.

However, if you want to send a message for test purposes to your [email protected] address using client software, do this:

1) Address your message to [email protected], and compose it otherwise as you wish.
2) Post it to your outbox, as you would any other message.
3) Open a session, a radio or telnet session, and send it normally.
4) Wait a minute, and connect again. The message you sent to [email protected] will be returned to your inbox as if it came from another user with the TEST callsign.

Of course, if an internet account is handy on an online machine, you can always send and receive from your internet-based email account address.

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