How to Set Up Windows 10 Mail Account for Use With Paclink

Seting up Windows 10 Mail for Paclink

Start Mail
Click on the Gear in the bottom left corner.
Select manage Accounts in right pane.
Select Add account in the right pane. Add an account pane will not be started.

Under Choose an account
Use the scrollbar on right to see Advanced setup. Click on Advanced setup.
Click on Internet email.

Internet email account screen will now be active. Enter the following:
E-Mail Address- (account name)
User name - (site callsign)
Password - from Paclink "EMail password" *
Account Name - Paclink (Account name) *
Send using This Name - (your first name) non criticle
Incoming Server - TCP/IP address where Paclibk is installed
Account Type SELECT - POP3
Outgoing Server - TCP/IP address where Paclink is installed

Confirm The following are checked:
Outgoing Server requires Authentication
Use same User Name & Password for Outgoing
Uncheck if the following are checked:
Request SSL for Inbound
Request SSL for Outbound

* from Paclink.ini file account entry [Account Name] and EMail password = (account password)

TCP/IP addressing notes:
Use instead of localhost. This avoids any issue with a poorly configured HOSTS file.
If Paclink is on another computer within the LAN, use that TCP/IP address as long as addresses are static and not dynamic (leased). Leased is the efault setting for LAN addressing.

--Provided by Bill, N9ACQ

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