DW1IRF-10 & other new Gateways in the Philippines (Updated)

Here is the latest Update on our (PAREDN) Network in the Philippines. We now have 8 working Packet Winlink Gateways (DW1OTT-10), (DU1AJ-10 Packet Only), (DW1IRF-10), (DX3H-10), (DW3EBG-10), (DV1PCW-10), (DU3FS-10), (4G1CLT-10) and 7 Vara FM Winlink Gateways. In a few weeks from now, we will be adding a new gateway (4F1PUZ-10) in San Pablo City Laguna. We are still working on our HF Gateway to get emails out of the 3 regions that we now cover. The (PAREDN) network runs on BPQ32 & Linbpq. 73 de Lot DW1IRF | K6IRF. (www.winlinkph.org)

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