AB4CD-10 Having Intermittent Missed Checkins

FYI, the reliability metrics for AB4CD-10 (2m Packet in Trinity, AL) shows missed check-ins primarily for RMS Packet. This is some kind of anomaly since the internet has not had any issues. I have been investigating and hope to figure out what is going on. In the meantime, I expect that the reported missed check-ins may continue. So far, I have found that the RMS Relay program is maxing out the available CPU usage once every hour on the hour for several minutes. During this time, the RMS usually passes traffic as usual but the app and process can be slow. It also sometimes shows the no internet message on the RMS Relay window even though internet is active (I use internet based remote access to view the screen). I upgraded RAM and went to a solid state drive along with a fresh Windows install. This didn't seem to help.

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