Express Standard Templates Autoupdate Process Explained

All standard templates are auto-updated when a new template Zip pack is posted and then "pushed" via the internet. You can accept of deny these updates, but will be prompted later on. This process of auto-updating Standard Library HTML templates via the internet, helps to ensure as many users as possible have the same set of forms. This process erases all previous template folders and installs the latest form versions, in the Standard Library folder. Depending on your Internet connection, it may take up to 1 minute to complete, wait at least that long.
Note: Ignore any "not-responding message" you see from Express during the download process, just wait until it completes. You will see a popup indicating you have been updated.

If your site has NO internet, a simple 4-step process can be used to manually update all Standard HTML forms.
How to Manually Update Standard Library Templates

If you create local forms, make modifications, or download archived forms, you must place them in the GLOBAL > TEMPLATES folder or your call-sign folder, so they do not conflict with forms in Standard Templates. You may also make sub folders off the TEMPLATES folder and name them as you wish. Having two Templates with the same file name in differing locations within Express, will cause issues

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