Winlink Express Released

Winlink Express version has been released. You can get the update using the normal autoupdate procedure or download it from the Winlink Express page.

Changes since RMS Express version

  • Change the name of the program from RMS Express to Winlink Express.
  • Display a reminder screen if a registration key hasn't been entered. Note: You do NOT have to register Winlink Express to use it, but your registration fee will help to support the development of Winlink Express and other Winlink programs. If you don't register Winlink Express, a registration reminder screen will be displayed periodically. Also note that Winlink Express and Winmor registration keys are interchangeable. So if you've already registered Winmor, you can enter your Winmor registration key in Winlink Express.
  • Convert commas and semicolons to underscores in contact names.
  • Fix problem with password validation.
  • Use the base callsign for MPS registrations.
  • Typing Tab in the Subject field of a message input now moves the cursor to the message body field.
  • Distribute Winmor version with fix for problem that caused restarts when checking the registration key.
  • Modify Icom USB/USB-D control code to fix a problem where the mode was occasionally set wrong.
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