RMS Packet

RMS (Radio Mail Server) Packet is software intended for WL2K VHF/UHF applications. This software supports a VHF/UHF packet radio gateway station to the WL2K system. RMS Packet stations are part of the worldwide network of participating gateway stations, and they provide automated messaging capability to the wireless amateur user using AX.25 packet radio and VARA FM in combination with the WL2K Common Message Servers (CMS) and RMS Relay.

RMS Packet is simple to install and run, and requires a minimum of computer and radio equipment. It supports the most popular TNCs directly, and almost all others through popular soundcard software. The program listens for both AX.25 packet and VARA FM using single or multiple radios, TNCs, soundcard programs or 'soft modems'.

RMS Packet is ideal to provide a temporary portable or fixed emergency portal for radio e-mail users, or for installation at unattended remote locations where it can provide wireless e-mail communications to the "last mile".

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