Linux RMS Gateway

The Linux RMS Gateway software is independently developed and maintained by Hans-J. Barthen DL5DI and Brian R. Eckert, W3SG, in cooperation with the Winlink Team. It is distributed mostly as source code under the GNU General Public License (a small component is distributed as a binary-only library).

This software has flexibility for packet-radio in a Linux environment. To build and run the software, you will need:

  • an installed and running Linux system
  • the GNU C compiler (GCC) and standard libraries and headers, as well as standard Linux software development utilities (such as GNU Make)
  • an existing ax25 installation on your Linux system with an ax25-enabled kernel, ax25-libs, and ax25-tools
  • a current MySQL client library
  • a current libxml2 library and header (and optionally libxml2-utils for XML document checking)
  • a TNC, soundcard, or other packet-radio modem drivers, axip/axudp, or anything else that is supported by Linux to run packet radio
  • radio equipment (usually a data-ready FM transceiver for VHF/UHF/SHF)
  • a 24/7 Internet connection
  • a WL2K password for the gateway's callsign (same password used for wl2k webmail)
  • a WL2K administrator's authorization for you to operate as a gateway with CMS connections (see the sysop guidelines)

The software and support for testing are available from the manager/author and the community at

Winlink Linkomatic