ICOM Marine Radio Control Program

M710 control program is an easy to use program that makes using your ICOM HF-SSB Marine radio as convenient as using a Ham radio. Its supports the ICOM M700Pro, M710, M710RT, and M802 HF SSB Marine radios.

The radio may be directly connected to the computer via an RS232 port or through the SCS PTC II or PTC II Pro modem control port used by your HF E-Mail program. “Same connection as used by AirMail 2000”. (The connection via the PTC II control port is not available on the PTC IIe modem).


Unzip the program it in a directory on your computer and run “setup.exe” from the "Package" folder. This will install all the files needed to run the program. Create a shortcut to the program as you wish.

This program was written by Vic Poor, W5SMM (SK) and Tom Lafleur, KA6IQA of the Winlink Development Team in Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0. The program is no longer supported by the Winlink Team and has been placed in the public domain. Documentation, source and object code is publicly available on GitHub here: https://github.com/trlafleur/M710/tree/master

A compiled binary installation package for Windows OS witn necessary libraries can be downloaded below. A quick hook-up and operation guide is included in the Docs folder.

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