Express forms use by a non-Express user.

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Mark - N7GRB
AEC Gwinnett Co. ARES, Georgia Section
Deputy Chief of Operations, Georgia AUXCOMM

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The attached PDF explains the process of how a non-Express user, such as an agency rep or hospital staff can use a Template.

This will allow them to open a local copy of the Initial Template, enter the data, SAVE the data, then pass that saved data to an Express radio operator.
The radio operator opens the required HTML and LOADS the saved data file they were given.

Templates have been modified to provide a pop instruction message and the Submit button removed. SAVE your data first. Clicking the SUBMIT with some browsers deletes your data entries.

This outside-of-Express process works well on one way forms. On reply forms such as the ICS 213, it is not a two-way action like when using Express, read the document and see the difference and how to use it.
Also :

Bluetooth Template Transfer Method to send VIEWER files to target computer, Added 7/29/21

Follow this established procedure for accessing ‘Initial’ forms. 

Select (check or highlight) all forms you wish to transfer from Winlink Express to another device. Share with the foreign device via Bluetooth Share isn’t available, then copy the set of forms you wish to transfer into a temporary working folder, perhaps Downloads. Within Downloads, select (highlight) all files you wish to transfer via BluetoothRight-click and choose ‘Send to’, using Bluetooth File TransferSelect desired destination, perhaps a cellphone, tablet or another computer nearby.  If it is not known to your computer, a first transfer to a particular device, it would have to be paired first, a meet and greet.  Then press Next and let ‘er rip! Note:  Bluetooth cannot transfer Folders, but it can transfer multiple files, so build your transfer cache accordingly.  If you wish to maintain a folder structure, you will need to use a wireless or LAN cable connection (charge cord with data capability, for example), or move the transferred files into a folder structure you have created on your destination device. With the frequency of updates in Winlink Standard Templates, keep it simple and bulk transfer whatever you need—just before you need it.  If this is not accomplished ahead of time, a Radio Operator can show up onsite and convey whatever Winlink forms are needed to the local, non-Winlink users, on the spot; thus, eliminating a point of congestion in their utilization of Radio Operator resources.
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