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WR4CV-10 VARA FM 4.x upgrade complete

Upgrade to VARA FM V4.01 was completed and tested this morning. Enjoy!

73, Mike KQ9P

WR4CV-10 back in service and much upgraded

Finally, WR4CV-10 is back in service and seems to be working well. Lots of changes and upgrades since the previous incarnation:

- Switched to Windows mini-PC and WDT software stack
- Switched to Masters Communications DRA-45 audio interfaces
- On VHF: AX.25, FX.25 (UZ7HO Soundmodem), VARA FM (NARROW)
- Backup battery good for about 24 hours

WR4CV-10 out of service for major rework

Well, I tried small fixes, but the time has come for a futile and stupid gesture: I'm going to start from scratch. A rich uncle (actually, several of the local ARES folks) provided funding to convert from the current Raspberry Pi/linbpq configuration to a Windows/Packet/Relay configuration supporting AX.25, FX.25, and VARA FM (on both VHF and UHF). New computer, new radio, new interfaces, fingers crossed.


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