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Gateway YN1SN NIcaragua Off Line till further notice.

YN1SN, Nicaragua is off line as off now.
There is an issue with the SCS Pactor modem, as it keeps shutting down
its connection.

As a result the gateway is not reliable by any standard. This has
occurred many times the past couple of weeks.

No idea on repair time frame at this time.

Hurricane Dorian and Winlink - First Blush Report.

Hurricane Dorian was a long-lived, extremely powerful and destructive Category 5 hurricane that devastated the northwestern Bahamas and caused significant damage to the Southeastern United States and Atlantic Canada. It was the fifth depression, fourth named storm, second hurricane, and the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. The hurricane caused catastrophic damage to Grand Bahama and Abaco Island, with at least 70,000 people left homeless.

Pactor 4 waiver extended for US operators.

FCC has extended the PACTOR 4 waiver for US stations doing Dorian related communications through September 13, 2019.


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