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YS1YS El Salvador sytem out of service, lighting strike

Report from locals:

Hi, after I was notified this morning that the facilities in Nejapa had been struck by lightning two days ago, I went there this morning and collected all the equipment.

They also had severe damage to other equipment, including their internet big equipment that is really expensive. There were signs of sparks in the floor where the power supply (Astron) was.

Preliminary results are:

- Icom IC-7300 does not turn on, cable and fuses are OK. The manual also mentions a 5-amp fuse that I couldn't find on the outside.

All ITU and FRME gateways restricted to 25 minutes non registered Vara HF use.

All ITU and FMRE gateways will only allow 25 minutes of a Vara HF connection, if Vara HF is not registered.

RMS Trimode version is now installed on these systems.
* Add parameter to Vara Settings screen to specify maximum session length for calls coming from unregistered versions of Vara. Specify 0 minutes to block calls from unregistered Vara. This feature requires Vara HF version 4.4.5 or later on the RMS side, users do not need to upgrade.
25 minutes is the default, it can be adjusted.


Sorry for the delay....

Had to obtain new Icom 7300, SCS Modem, and better computer.
Then had to ship same and configure via TeamViewer.

Special thanks to the site owner XE2HS for the patience and help.


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