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International Health Service Needs Radio Operators

I just received this message from John Kirckof, KB0UUP, Director at IHS. They need radio ops. Call John at 320-634-4386 if you are interested. Here is good reading on what a trip to Honduras with IHS is like.


I just received an update from IHS board members on some of the shortages for the upcoming mission trips. As an IHS supporter, we are very hopeful that joining us will work for you.

Our important need in February.... We need your help as we are in critical need of radio operators ! We can also use docs, pharmacists, nurses plus 1 or 2 NPs or PAs. This includes RNs, LPNs, Paramedics, EMTs, CNAs, etc. . At this point we do need a few more support people but we are working on that, too.

Note... we are already signing up folks for the February trip now as we have quite a few openings.

Also note... Whether this mission trip works for you or not, do talk with others about our need for ham operators plus medical and support people. That is the best way we have to get new folks to join us and to get financial support.

Thanks for any help you can give in support of the very poor of Honduras.


Mexico's FMRE Supports Winlink

FMRE letter

Mexico's leading amateur radio organization, Mexican Federation of Radioexperimentadores (FMRE), an IARU member organization, has affirmed its continued support of Winlink in a letter from the President of the Federation. Winlink is the primary digital communications delivery system for emergencies within Mexico by amateur radio operators.

The FMRE web site

There are four HF gateways that form the core of the Mexican-supported Winlink presence in Mexico. There is more about them in a previous article. Read an enlarged image of the letter by clicking on the letter.

Website Downtime

We have been working to improve your experience using our site, and the whole Winlink system. Please forgive our recent downtime, but its worth it.

You should notice much better load times of our pages, and in the future we'll have fewer downtime minutes during maintenance work. The reason is that we've moved our DNS and have incorporated 31 data centers worldwide to serve our pages. Now when you access our site, you may notice it comes from a different server--one much closer to you, and one using the latest speedy hardware. We've updated our defenses against ever-present online attacks, so we will have less maintenance to cause the server to be taken offline. Best of all, you will notice less when we take our main servers down, as pages will continue to be served to you from peripheral servers at 31 sites.


--The Winlink Development Team


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