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KK4ZUU-10 WL2K/PBBS (145.730 FM, FM18GT) -UP- 30w

Great support from, fixed my cable so I am back to 30w output. They are in my home state, support local small businesses.

VA3LKI RPR Trimode Operation

VA3LKI has added Robust Packet Radio to the station capability, making Trimode operation a reality.
See frequency details for 20, 30, and 40m operation in the Tools secition on the Winlink site.

Currently, the Trimode software only allows for connectivity with SCS Tracker modems. Hopefully the WDT
will add support for the other SCS modems capable of using Robust Packet.

KK4ZUU-10 WL2K/PBBS (145.730 FM, FM18GT) -DOWN-

My VHF node is down due to a broken cable. Once repaired it will be placed back in-service.


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