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Winlink intro and training in Ensenada Baja CA MX

Winlink intro and 2 hour training class presented in Ensenada Baja CA MX. In Mexico you have to attend many hours at a sponsored course to obtain a certificate to apply for a license. Among theory, regulations, formulas, and radio operations, is also Winlink training as Mexico's FMRE, (arrl), has adopted Winlink as their primary EMCOMM digital system.

The students took the packaged Winlink station and installed it, then were taught how to use Winlink Express. Granted this is only an exposure to the system and software, but it was hands on.

Winlink Presented at IARU region 2 in Chile.

Mexico's President of FMRE [XE2O] Alfonso Tamez, (their ARRL), presented Winlink to the IARU Region 2 conference in Chile.
It was well received by the reports I have obtained. It keeps Winlink in the spotlight as a product for EMCOMM to be used by amateur radio operators .

See Highlight PDF here: Conference info in English

From ARES Newsletter, Oct 19, 2016

KE7XO ARDOP software update ...

I switched to John's ARDOPC, Windows version .0.8.1

ARDOP frequencies are the same as my Winmor

KE7XO - gateway and MPS
KE7XO-4 - bbs and NTS relay

Richard ke7xo


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