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VK4IL New Sysop 20th Nov 2014

Gidday to everyone, I'm a new sysop running Ubuntu Linux and RMS Gateway

New WINMOR RMS's in Mauritius and South Africa

New WINMOR RMS's in Mauritius and South Africa.

VA7DGP: Update. My Automatic Tuner

My LDG tuner that has worked faithfully packed it. The AT 11 will soon be replaced with one of the newer models.

Connectivity Issues

Station Work

K9EW (2014-11-14) - Back In Service

The K9EW-10 Packet Gateway is now back in service.


WA7EOC-10 is down until further notice due to a computer issue.

Unfortunately, this may be permanent.


Hello All-

XE2EOS near Guatemalan border freqs back to normal & photos xe2/n6kzb

After the last series of tropical storms and hurricanes the antenna system at XE2EOS suffered.
As a result many weeks back the freq line up was down to a couple of bands. RFI issues
with high SWR forced us to change the line up.

Due to warm weather this past week, area technicians from Chiapas were able to brave the mountain road and make it to the site.
It was discovered that the 4:1 UnUn was full of water and the 90 foot wire almost to the ground.

KG7AV Equipment Move - Temp Outages - Updated

KG7AV and KG7AV-10 have been running from a temporary setup following water damage that occurred to the shack some six weeks ago. Pleased to report that the construction crew has finished work on the shack, and equipment will be transitioning this week. Expect temporary outages for KG7AV-10 (packet) and KG7AV (winmor) gateways.

Updated - Everything moved and back on air as of 04Nov2014 0336 UTC.

UpDATE: VA7DGP BPQ32 Winlink Gateway

I've had some issues with a script file that kept crashing the system. I found the glitch and were back up and running. I have also added script that if system receives NTS message via Packet. The message is forwarded via HF to NTS Target Station on HF. We shall see whether it gets used.


Don va7dgp
New Westminster BC Winlink Gateway


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