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The Long Route!

I was testing the Radio Only mode today and sent out several emails to my fellow hybrid stations within roughly 1000 miles. I had received responses from Glenn WB2LMV and Chuck W4CPG and wrote Radio Only replies.

TI3MAO RMS back online. soundcard modem replaced

73 everyone.

TI3MAO's RMS gateway is back online at 14.108 MHz USB.
The problem was caused by a bad soundcard which has been replaced.

ZS5BG Why does my station show yellow inter

Good day

Monitoring online tools- my station showing yellow even though I have only 30 minutes ago tested from my outside shack which sent and received emails fine on winmor.

Is there anything I can do to double check on my side that may be incorrectly set on the computer ?

ZS5BG Station down till replacement radio and PC ready

Unfortunately my station suffered lightning damage .

Awaiting replacement PC and radio.


Bradley ZS5BG

KD8PGB added 80m 3.5900 P123 (Dial)

Just dropped Robust Packet as there appears to be little interest in RP for HF RMS, I am using the scan time that was freed up to start monitoring 80m on Dial 3.590

I am planning switching back to Trimode and hybrid most likely later today.


KF7RSF Gateway having a very bad month!

Started finding my Gateway with WINMOR down and unable to successfully restart. A reboot would fix it for a few hours, but always recurred. Did a full uninstall reinstall of the RMS Suite with no change in behavior. Hmmm... Checked with another application and it also was unable to connect to the SignaLinkUSB even though the system said it was present and working fine. Hmmmm...

AG6QO Gateway Maintenance Complete

Gateway is operational.


AG6QO Gateway will be down for maintenance - MAR 16 0400Z-1200Z

AG6QO Gateway will be down for maintenance - MAR 16 0400Z-1200Z


ZS5BG Low Level Compression on Winmor

Anyone experimented with the use of low level compression on Winmor.

The reason I ask is that I know that older mil equipment using AFSK did not have the means to switch the audio chain compression "OFF" while transmitting the AFSK format.
Any technical documentation in this regard with reference to the question would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Bradley Glen ZS5BG

ZS5BG Catalog requests -server errors

Who may assist to update or fix catalog server errors :
Thanks in advance
Bradley Glen ZS5BG
South Africa
Sysop-Winmor Station

Requested South African WX and the server reply was:
Message ID: LXFH9S8352DB
Date: 2015/03/12 19:47
Source: SMTP


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