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Linux RMS Packet Gateway

Well I am further along with getting the Linux RMS Gatway up and running. I am building it with a Beaglebone Black (Rev C) and and TNC-Black. Still in the setup phase but it is comming along. Once I get it fully up and running I will be putting together a "How I did it" and post it here.

RMS Down

Kn6b - 15 RMS Down due to a Broken Computer.

K9EW (2014-09-13) - New PC

I just installed Windows 7 onto my little EeePC Netbook, and am using it for the gateway controller. Lots of updates, so on and off for short periods of time. Should settle down soon. 73 - ed, k9ew

YM9KK KARS TURKEY 144.800 MHz RMS Packet Node

YM9KK RMS Packet Node is now ready to use. The node was setup an IBM X-225 e-server operated MS Xp with AGW Packet Engine. IT is possible to conect from 400-500 Km away using APRS digipeaters. I think, this system will assist most of the EMCOMM. YM9KK Call is belogns to Turkish Radio Amateur Club Kars Dıvision and Sysop is TA9J IsmailCakmak.

Many thanks to Winlink Team

de TA9J


K9LAE is back up on 7080 Khz after a Windows 7 Update.

K9EW (2014-09-07) - TNC-X

Got the TNC-X tested and working, so added it to the setup to replace the KPC-3. Still on 24/7, minus a few short tests. 73, ed - k9ew.

XE1CRG, Mexico's Hybrid station #4 on the air (xe2/n6kzb)

XE1CRG, located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, MX Grid DL90HQ is now available.
This completes the 3 year project to install 4 WinLink gateways in Mexico. XE2BNC XE1VP XE2EOS XE1CRG

7070.0 10142.0 14091.0 18107.0 Center Up to Pactor 4 and WinMor 1600

KM3N/W7TSA 30 meter RMS Gateway back in operation

KM3N 30 meter gateway is back in operation. The prior antenna was unsatisfactory although a number of amateur/boaters would check in from Baja from time to time. I installed a new inverted V today for 30 meters. The 7 meter KM3N gateway, as always, remains in operation. For now I have deactivated the KM3N 20 meter gateway. There was zero activity on this RMS over the last couple of months. I'll probably have it back up on 80 meters soon.




System back up on Win7 3GHZ machine. Unable to connect to mailbox with RMS RELAY running, works fine with RMS RELAY not running. Still working on that.
Please do report any problems to NNN0KIR@NAVYMARS.ORG like the sign on message says. Your assistance is appreciated.

Phill - NNN0KIR

K9LAE 40 Meter HF NODE

With the help of Ed, K9EW, and all of the VERY talented folks that make up the WINLINK Team, I was able to put a 40 meter WINMOR Node on the air. My thanks go to Phil and Neil for the answers to my questions. My node will eventually be 24/7 on 40 meters when all of the bugs are worked out.


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