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XE2EOS out of service (xe2/n6kzb)

XE2EOS is out of service until further notice. A site power issue makes it unreliable.
Until it is fixed, it is off line.

Mike xe2/n6kzb

VA7TSA UPDATE: Down until further notice

Down till the end of August

HS0ZIB - New Winlink HF station on Phuket Island, Thailand

As of 24th June 2015, a new Winlink 2000 RMS Trimode station is operating from Phuket Island.

This new station will provide coverage in the Bay of Bengal, northern Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand/south China Sea

The dial frequency is 21,116 KHz, using Pactor II/III

As soon as a new CAT cable arrives from the USA, (in about 2 weeks from now), operation of this station will be extended to the 40, 20, 17 and 12 meter bands. I will announce these additional frequencies on my blog when they go live.


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