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KN6B RMS Trimode Online

KN6B - 15 Back online 10/19/14
Operating Mode - Winmor - 1600 Participates for Internet Forwarding Only, @ 40 meter USB Dial Frequency 7.096.500 KHZ or Center Frequency 7.98.000 KHZ.

VA7DGP-5 on the HF Pactor RMS Channel LIst

Since I'm running BPQ32 software to access the WDT network. My callsign had to be changed to va7dgp-5. VA7DGP is the call for the BBS. My node is va7dgp-7. So when a user trying to log would connect to the TNC but they would soon disconnect as the BPQ32 system did not know what to do. Load BBS, or Load Winlink.
To make it easier for user -5 will be used even though may are using just their callsign. I guess I'm different.


New Westminister BBS/Winlink SysOp

LA3F partially down due to lightning damage.

80m, 30m pactor and winmor + 2m packet temporary QRT due to lightening damage.

40m and 60m still running as before

De LA7UM/Finn Sysop.

RMS EXPRESS Didn't remove traffic from WEBMAIL Inbox

Note to self (hence the blog post) - I've seen this before but didn't write it down.

Incoming traffic arrives in inbox. Said traffic visible via WEBMAIL. Use RMS EXPRESS to download traffic for mailbox.
a day later, traffic downloaded still in webmail inbox. (in this paticular case NNN0HHO 090 TO NNN0ALC).
Thanks to Jack NNN0BQW for for pointing this out this time.

K6JGL Trimode back online at 1514Z 10/15/2014

Tuner replacement solved issue.

K6JGL Station Down until repairs complete

I hope to be back on the air later today 10/15/2014.

WB5RMG-1st comment (timestamps)

Personally, I would find it helpful for the items on the home page 'news' to have a timestamp,
even like the "Submitted by ____ at _______________" that displays with these blog posts.
Thanks /;^)

WB5RMG - look at the new website !

I guess I haven't been here in a while, but it looks different. This looks good, lots of new features.
As much as I appreciate progress, I'll admit to being a little lost here at first, but hope to learn my way around quickly.
Thanks /;^)

WL2K over BBHN

I routinely use Winlink over Broadband-Hamnet ( ) when sending email through the system.

On my personal workstation, I use Eudora as my email client (with emails dating back to 1994, I like to keep all my email in one place).
Also on the same PC, I have Paclink installed.

ZS1RS Cape Towns Winlink Gateway

The ZS1RS Winlink RMS Hybrid Server, situated in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the most southern RMS stations on the Winlink network. The station has excellent coverage of the South African coastline from Mauritius to St Helena and usable coverage from the top of Madagascar and along the eastern coast of South America
Both the Winmor 500/1600 and Pactor 1-4 modes are supported on all frequencies


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