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KD8PGB-2 FT-857d + Bluetooth+ Win8 Tablet = Winmor Mobile

Thought I would share my mobile setup, I spent a considerable amount of time researching and many said this could not be done. A Rigblaster Blue Bluetooth interface connecting my FT-857d and my Win 8 Tablet for both radio control and audio. The target was a mobile platform with as factory of an install as possible with zero wires and all of the capabilities of my QTH. The end result is a clean wire free (except the usb power cable to the tablet on the left side and the head feed for the FT-857d head) system that is capable of :

K7NHV new 80 meter Pactor 3 frequency

3597.500 dial, 3599.000 center frequency, Vashon Island, WA.
Antenna is dipole up 120 feet fed with open wire line and tuner.

VA7DGP: New used 3 core pc...

I have installed a Lenovo 3 core ACPX 64 base pc on Window 7.

So far so good. Still have old XP as back up


Don va7dgp

VA7DGP UPDATE:PC back on line..

One blown capacitor, and replaced fan with heat sink. System back up and on line. I am working on a replacement PC. I'll be switching it in the next few days...


Don va7dgp


After getting the radio room floors and walls repaired. I was tacking up the coax and Internet cable to the wall. I moved the Dual band coax around the PC.immediately the PC shut off. I check the 110 v line, that was ok. Check power cable, that was OK. So I have one dead PC. I hope to get a new mother board, and if power surge,spike didn't kill hard drive I should be back on next week.


Don va7dgp

K4QJZ-10 Gateway

The K4QJZ-10 Gateway in High Knob will be offline until further notice 145.570

Battery back up and clean up work at XE2BNC gateway

Solar array added for Emcomm support. 3 panels at 150 watt each.

Photo album link:

AE7VZ-10 RMSGateway server online

Installed, and hopefully got working RMSGateway for Linux. All diagnostics seem to say it is up and running. Traffic through it will tell the true tale.


K6JGL offline until further notice

Down for maintenance, upgrades, and some vacation.


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