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KG7AV New Gateway Central OR

KG7AV Bend, Oregon CN94ic
KG7AV-10 2m RMS Packet Gateway 145.03 Mhz
KG7AV RMS HF Gateway center freqs:
Winmor 500 - 7.0805, 14.0920 Mhz
Winmor 1600 - 7.1025, 14.1025 Mhz

BPQ32 system routing via local RMS Relay host. In the event of loss of internet connectivity to CMS, messages will route into a BPQ32 queue for forwarding via HF Winmor to one of several West Coast RMS gatetways.

Station Update - KE5TVB

Well, aren't I embarrassed! It seems that many months ago when I set up my station here in Mountain Home AFB, ID, I completely messed up the listed frequency for my station! I now have the frequency updated to the proper frequency of 144.930. The station ID is ke5tvb-10

K9ANF down 9/26-9/28

My apologies, but K9ANF will be down from Friday evening 9/26 through Sun evening 9/28. I will be out of town and there will be no licensed Op with ready access to the station. I will try to be back on the air Sun. evening. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone.
73, Randall K9ANF

View of Mountain range for XE2EOS gateway xe2/n6kzb

This is the range of mountains near the south end of Mexico before you get to the Guatemalan border.
XE2EOS is located at over 7000 ft in the Chiapas mountains. (stock photo)

Due to the desired security of this government radio site, exact site photo is not available.
But according to the radio techs who maintain the site, unless you know where to look and drive, you would be lost forever.


My station is rather simple. I'm running a TS 940 Kenwood scanning from 80 m to 15 m. I'm using BPQ32 as the software to connect the VHF Gateway and HF Gateway into the WL2K Report server. It's a work in progress as I'm not an IT. BPQ32 and WDT team have may the access into becoming a SYSOP with a learning curve simple. On my part getting the right Syntax in BPQ32 for Frequency to be reported properly in RMS LIST. I think I've gotten that out of the way.

XE2BNC Pactor modem replaced, back in service xe2/n6kzb

Had to use our spare SCS dragon.

All is back to normal


XE2BNC Pactor down, Winmor OK xe2/n6kzb

I think SCS dragon modem died for pactor. Will do my best to get to radio site Wed with back up SCS modem.


Linux RMS Packet Gateway

Well I am further along with getting the Linux RMS Gatway up and running. I am building it with a Beaglebone Black (Rev C) and and TNC-Black. Still in the setup phase but it is comming along. Once I get it fully up and running I will be putting together a "How I did it" and post it here.

RMS Down

Kn6b - 15 RMS Down due to a Broken Computer.

K9EW (2014-09-13) - New PC

I just installed Windows 7 onto my little EeePC Netbook, and am using it for the gateway controller. Lots of updates, so on and off for short periods of time. Should settle down soon. 73 - ed, k9ew


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