AAR0ME Winmor Oregon Army MARS gateway station

Thank you for taking an interest in my efforts and my station.
The current version of this station uses the following dedicated 24/7/365 equipment:
- Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver
- MFJ-991 auto-tuner
- 450-foot non-resonant NVIS HF loop
- The antenna feed-point uses a 4:1 balun made of stacked FT-114/43 toroids and RG-316 coax in a CanTex enclosure
- Dedicated Dell Optiplex 960 computer using Windows 7 64-bit
- SignaLink USB soundcard interface
The station has a dedicated 400KVA UPS, 6 Kilowatt stand-by gasoline generator and 100 watts of solar panel backup power. For Oregon Army MARS I have operated dedicated gateway equipment since 2002. The initial equipment then used the old Classic BBS software using a dedicated PacTor-I PK-232 Terminal Unit with daily mail-runs to AAA9USA.

Secondarily, I am developing mobile HF capabilities with a dedicated Motorola Micom/Mobat 2ETS HF ALE radio, MFJ-991 auto-tuner, DC-blocking antenna interface and AT-271 multi-section HF whip for HF Mobile-at-rest as time for testing permits. Ultimate goal is both voice and digital modes with the mobile station.

My $DAYJOB$ is as the IT Compliance Engineer for Spirit Mountain Casino here in Oregon. I'm responsible for the Federal/State regulatory compliance and integrity of more than 8,000 devices in a networked environment with no tolerance for downtime operating continuously since 1995. I began my professional IT career back in the early 80's with administrative duties for DEC VAX 11/780, HP-2000, Sun, Apollo and HP3000 super minicomputers in California's Silicon valley.

Vy73, Phil AAR0ME Oregon Army MARS

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