Mechanical Engineer
The Winlink Development Team is looking for a mechanical engineer who has experience in printed circuit board packaging and front-panel design to develop a new product with our team. Good working knowledge of 2D and 3D CAD is a must. If you have the experience and some free time over the next few months and would like to help, please contact Tom, KA6IQA

Software Developers
The Winlink Development Team is looking for talented software developers who have expertise in Digital Signal Processing, VB, C#, C, C++ with Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Open-Source Project Management, Git and AWS. We need developers who can move our programs to new platforms and environments, and to help develop new projects for the future. If you have some volunteer time, are willing to help, work well with others and would like to join an accomplished team, please contact Tom, KA6IQA

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