Winlink Emcomm Group closing.

The Google group Winlink EMCOMM will be closed in the very near future.
It will be combined with the Official Winlink Programs Group.

Many are already a member of that Group, if not please join it.

In the past 6 months very little has been posted relating to the Groups purpose, Emcomm, for emergency or event support communications.

- Posts for system/software issues have to be redirected to the Programs Group.
- Having only the Program Group allows the searchable database to continue to grow.
- Winlink product notices are only the Program Group.
- Moderators have to keep checking both groups.
- Less confusion and missed queries.
- Survey going for 2 weeks now, and 72 % are in favor of combining the 2.

So again, please join the Winlink Programs Group.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Mike, Member WDT

Winlink Linkomatic