The W7YAM-10 VHF RMS Gateway has been upgraded to include RMS Relay

RMS Relay on W7YAM-10 will normally be configured to pass Winlink messages to the CMS gateways while Internet connectivity exists. If there is no connectivity it will hold the mail and pass it to the CMS gateway once connectivity is resumed.

During drills and Simulated Emergency Tests (SET) it will be temporarily configured to behave as a mailbox only. The connection message should reflect this state. Notification of change in state of the gateway will also be provided on the Gateway Station News.

With the location of W7YAM-10 near the peak of Eola Hills in Southeastern Yamill County just west of the Willamette River, should provide access to base stations located in Yamhill, Polk, and Marion Counties.  Well situated base stations in Southern Washington County, Western Multnomah County, Western Clackamas County, Northeastern Benton County and Northwestern Linn County should also able be to access it.

W7YAM-10 supports both Packet and VARA FM.

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