W7YAM-10 Configured For Post Office Mode

With the up coming Oregon ARES S.E.T., Yamhill Couny ARES' W7YAM-10 RMS Packet station located on Eola Hills is configured to be strictly in Post Office mode to simulate an Internet outage. All received messages will be stored locally for pickup by the recipient. It will revert back to normal operations a week from today, Sunday Oct 13th. It is expected that all held mail will then be transferred to the CMS for distribution if it hasn't previously been picked up. Until then if CMS access is needed, please use it's companion UHF RMS Packet station W7YAM-12, the VHF W7YAM-11 located in McMinnville, or VHF W7OWO-10 located north of Dundee.

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