I now have 2 stations; W7PLC-10, Alinco DR-135T MkIII with a DRA-50. This station is part of the W7PLC Gateway and runs VARA FM Wide on 144.950MHz, station is powered by solar panel charged batteries and will remain on the air during a local power outage. The antenna is a dual band vertical at 30 ft. The HF portion of the Gateway is a Kenwood TS-2000 with a Signalink (black xfmr), also powered by the solar charged batteries. Antenna is a 65ft end fed wire at 25 ft.

The 2nd "backup" station, W7PLC-11, is an ICOM IC-2730 with a Signalink (red xfmr) so this one can only do VARA FM Narrow, This station is powered by a 12v power supply so it will be off the air during a power outage. Antenna is a VHF vertical at 15 ft and 40 ft horizontal separation from the -10 antenna.

Been working on the gateway for a long time and it is now where I want it to be, just need to figure out an internet connection that will survive a power outage. Starlink is a possibility.

Winlink Linkomatic