W0LED-10 The State of Things 6/13/17

Hardware line-up remains the same although I've pulled out of my small collection of used (but currently unused) rigs a Kenwood TR-7730. This was my first mobile rig and when packet radio came to the Twin Cities it morphed into my steady 24 x 7 packet transceiver. I've used this radio with a TAPR Beta Board, a TNC1, a TNC2, a couple of MFJ1270Cs. It was my T-238/Dallas Semi 1-wire Wx Station radio for more than five years until the wind direction 'dart' fell off in the middle of a Minnesota winter. That whole part of my station went dark and, over time, was scavenged and repurposed and the 7730 went into a box. Out of sight, out of mind. It was recently rediscovered so it's here running as a monitor while I check it out. I'm thinking about using it in place of the FT-1500M as the Winlink station transceiver or a cross-link to 145.670MHz which is the frequency of the MN Statewide Packet Net.

Winlink Linkomatic