VA3EOA online on 17/20/30/40/80 meter VARA

The Amethyst District ARES RMS HF Gateway is online 24/7 on 17 / 20 / 30 / 40 and 80 meters VARA. Operating since 2020, this RMS Gateway currently averages over 300 connections per month. It operates in Hybrid Mode, and accepts connections in VARA HF.

The station setup is as follows:
* Yaesu 857D radio operating at 70 watts
* Windows 10 computer with solid state hard drive (2022)
* Multi-band end-fed antenna by
* Backup power via a UPS and generator

The furthest station to connect to VA3EOA in January 2022 was the RMS Gateway VE1YZ in Nova Scotia, Canada, some 2148 kilometers away.

Sysop is Warren Paulson, VE3FYN

The modest-looking but powerful VA3EOA RMS HF Gateway
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