Thailand RMS Server Re-activated - HS0ZIB

After a silent period of several years, (while I was working in Burma), I have re-activated my Winlink RMS server. The new location is in the port city of Ranong in south Thailand, about 200 miles north of my previous QTH on Phuket Island. Ranong is located at the narrowest part of the Malay peninsula between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, and so good coverage is expected in those regions.

My server is currently operating using Winmor 1600 on 14107, 18107 and 21107 KHz, pushing 100 watts to a DX Engineering Thunderbolt omni-directional antenna. A Pactor 4 modem will be ordered and added to operations when it arrives.

HS0ZIB Winlink RMS Server
Winlink Linkomatic