RMS Trimode

RMS (Radio Mail Server) Trimode is software intended for WL2K sysops who operate High-Frequency gateway stations. These RMS stations are part of the global network of WL2K participating gateway stations.

RMS Trimode is a flexible HF radio server. It supports radio connections from clients using the Pactor (P1-P4), WINMOR (500Hz & 1600Hz bandwidths), Robust Packet, ARDOP, and VARA HF protocols. RMS Trimode can scan for any one, or all of the protocols simultaneously and can scan multiple frequencies adjusted by time of day. A single instance can support PUBLIC Amateur, SHARES and EMCOMM plus other private service applications.

The objective of RMS Trimode is to allow sysops to use one program that supports multiple user protocols using the same radio, antenna, and computer resources. This gives users more connectivity options and makes better use of limited spectrum. It is intended to replace RMS Pactor and RMS WINMOR (now deprecated).

Once a connection in one protocol is established RMS Trimode will block other connections on the remaining protocols until the session is completed. If desired a single instance and radio can support multiple call signs and service codes. RMS Trimode may optionally use the program RMS Relay with a local message database, to temporarily buffer messages if internet connectivity is lost, or to participate in the Winlink Hybrid HF Radio Network, to forward messages without the internet.

Before you can use the program you must have a WL2K administrator set a 'Gateway Authorized' flag associated with your account base call sign (call sign without any -ssid). Please review the Winlink Sysop Guidelines before asking for authorization, setup or operation.

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