President of FMRE provides Winlink presentation to ITU conference in Peru

XE2O, Alfonzo Tamerez, president of Mexico's FMRE provided a well received presentation on Winlink.


Covered was:
-- Winlink system and its access by users via radio.
-- How it is deployed during disasters.
-- That FMRE has designated Winlink as a primary Emcomm system.
-- Winlink's use in past Mexico Earthquakes and fires.
-- Mexico uses Pactor 4 on all its gateways.
-- How FMRE helped install the Central American gateways.
(Gateway photo is of Costa Rica TI0BCR)

Plus mention of the support given by:
• Winlink Development Team
• Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (ITU).
• IARU R2.
• FMRE Winlink Staff.

Note that in attendance where Members of the ARRL.

“When new technology is developed that generates radio frequency energy, it is essential that adequate protection of
radiocommunication services be included in the system design."

David Sumner
Secretary, International Amateur
Radio Union (IARU)

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