New Radiogram in use RRI Form

WDT working in concert with Radio Relay International has established a new Radiogram HTML template.

This single message entry Radiogram Text Creator form does much of the work for you. It will create a properly formatted text message.
The message is sent via Winlink to one of 12 Region Liaison stations selected from a menu. This can be done in any Winlink mode via any Gateway.

It is a major rebuild of the previous Text Creator form and is the result of countless hours of coordination and code writing.

The form has many built in help and user controls to assist you in NTS style message formatting.
At this time only "R" routine or Test R traffic is being used. Next phase will allow any message precedence.

Any questions or concerns go to Steve KB1TCE, RRI project manager for the new form, KB1TCE

RadioGram Template screen shot
What you get if trying to use previous form.
Winlink Linkomatic