KF7RSF back in service 9/13

Tower work to replace the 20/15/10 tribander went very well, in spite of being accomplished by one very creaky old fart.
Should have no effect on HF posture for the Gateway as no changes were made to 135' EFHW.

Big change is performance as a client connecting to other Gateways, and to use for routine personal Ham activities.

The new antenna is a JK Antennas C3S-JK - a redesign of the classic Force 12 C3S with major upgrades to mechanical integrity and to means of feeding.
It is a 6 element interweaved tribander. Two full length elements each for 20/15/10 all on one compact boom. It is a compromise antenna chosen as much for mechanical robustness as for raw performance. I live 1/4 mile from beaches in SW Oregon and steady winds of 70+ mph are common with gusts over 100.

As a quick means of testing I connected with a series of other Gateways. Working my way south through CA, then Tijuana MX, Mexico City, Guatamala, and on down to Panama. (Thanks N6KZB and others for all the work building out those Gateways). Turned east and easily connected to N5TW in Central Texas, and then to KI4WPI just north of Miami FL. Southwest easy 20M session to WH6FG on Kauai (Thanks Joe Speroni and all the gang). Turned Northwest for a easy connection to Jerry KL7EDK in central Alaska.

So - very good performance on three primary bands, plus tunes easily for 17 and 12 if desired, on a compact, robust antenna designed for high wind survivability

Just what the Doctor ordered.


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