JW5E QRV. The worlds northernmost located Winlink RMS. 78 deg north.

JW5E at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, re emerged Saturday July 17. 2021.
Early stages of Varas very good lower gear MFSK alike modulation was also tested during some parts of previous operation.
From up north 78 deg to down "south" abt 70 deg north at the norwegian mainland showed the value of the very robust Vara lower MFSK gears for dealing with multipath.
For now this club station is running 80m and 40m. Modes are Pactor 1,2,3, Vara HF 5 and 23 and Ardop 5.
It covers big difficult areas for modern communication at land and sea.

Thanks for good team work by local sysop JW4PUA Sander.
LA7UM Finn, NRRL's remote Winlink coordinator.

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