How to Update Gateway Frequencies in Airmail (P3FREQLIST)

Updating Winlink Gateway Frequencies in Airmail
(Found in WL2K_Help category, item P3FREQLIST)

It is very important to keep your client program updated with current gateway station frequencies. Stations go on- and off-air for maintenance and repairs often, and may not be available for connections. You won't know about that unless you have a fairly recent frequency list loaded. Winlink Express makes keeping up-to-date easy with a single click. With older software like Airmail, you have to do the work. Fortunately, real-time information on which stations are on-air is available to import into Airmail. You can obtain current frequency lists several ways.

A. Request and retrieve a fresh list from the Winlink Catalog (WL2K_RMS category, item PUB_PACTOR).
B. Download a fresh list from this URL:
C. Download a fresh list from the web site tool at

If you aren't online, use the Catalog (A above):

1. Update your Catalog List from Airmail's Message Index.
2. Click Window, Catalogs. Under "Global" open category folder WL2K_RMS.
3. Check "PUB_PACTOR" (once) to request.
4. Go back to message index and connect to an RMS gateway station to send your request.
5. Check for new mail in a few minutes.
6. Select the newly-received request response in the inbox (turns blue.)
7. Click Airmail menu "Tools" and then "Make Frequency List."
8. Click "Text Format" tab.
9. Click "Update." This parses the list ...Calls now Red, Frequencies Blue.
10. If you wish to Add/Remove calls to your pull down list click "Freq list" tab.
11. Click "Save" and then "OK."

If you obtain your list by downloading the text file (B or C above), simply drag the received .txt file into the Airmail Message Index, and follow steps 6-11 above.

More information is available in the Airmail help file. Look for "frequency lists".

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