How to Change Your Account Settings with an Option Message (USER.OPTIONS)

Winlink User Option Messages
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Updated October 19, 2014

A user option message is a special formatted mail message from a Winlink user to the system. When processed by the CMS it changes parameters in the user’s account record in the CMS database. These changes will be propagated through the Winlink system to all CMS.

A user option message may be sent from a client program such as RMS Express, Airmail or Paclink. The client programs each have templates or tools for conveniently preparing and sending these messages. Refer to the help file of your client software for specific details. Look for the topic: "User Options" or "User Option Messages".

Find the RMS Express tool in the software menu at [Files>Update User Options...]
Find the Airmail tool at [Window>Winlink 2000>Options Message]

The appropriate text boxes may be filled out and then click "Send" or "Post" on form to post the message for transmission the next time a gateway is contacted, either over Telnet or by radio.

The format and content of these messages are documented below. It is possible to manually create a message using this information so that any message-creation software can be used. The WL2K system will receive and process messages correctly as long as they are formatted as described here.

Option Message Format

Option Messages must be addressed to "SYSTEM":

To:[email protected]
Subject: OPTIONS
The body of the message should include the requested setting(s) or change(s) in the format shown below. Settings are case insensitive.

Prefix: C6A
Suffix: MM
Max size: 120000

The body of the message is made up of one or more entries consisting of a parameter designator, a space, and the value of the parameter. One entry per line.

The possible parameters are:

Prefix: Prefix to your call letters required for ID. To cancel a set prefix include the word ‘Prefix’ on a line by itself.

Suffix: Suffix to your call letters required for ID. To cancel a set prefix include the word ‘Postfix’ on a line by itself.

Max size: A numerical value setting the size in bytes (compressed) of the largest message you will accept. 120000 Bytes is maximum, and the default.

Alternate: A temporary alternate mail address that your traffic should be routed to (Example: [email protected]). Once an entry is made in this parameter all messages received will be sent to that address. Forwarded messages will not appear in your account, however you may send messages from your account normally. To cancel forwarding to the alternate address send a new options message that includes the word "Alternate:" on a line by itself.

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