EA8URF equipment info status update.


After some time witouth a major info update about our equipment, here a summary of our working conditions.

Today we have 4 dedicated radios for winlink.

Icom IC-756PRO (23ms T/R delay)
500W power amplifier setted to ~200W (EB-500 made by EB104 people) (20ms T/R delay)
Desktop Computer HP Pavilion (Intel core i5)
Main Software: BPQ32 (Scanning 15-20-40M)
PACTOR 4 Modem
VARA modem with a dedicated PCI sound card
ARDOP modem with a dedicated PCI sound card
Antenna: Rotatable multiband dipole for 6-10-15-20-40 fixed to N/E - S/W (Made in Spain by EA7FN)

Icom IC-756PRO
Power setted to 50W output.
Desktop Computer ASUS (intel core i7)
Main software: RMS Trimode (on 80M)
RMS Relay
PACTOR 3 Modem
VARA modem with a dedicates PCI sound card
ARDOP modem with a dedicated PCI sound card
Antenna: Wire dipole at low altitude (NVIS) for 80M band (EAntenna EA80DXS)

Icom IC-910H (With High stability crystal update) (32ms T/R delay)
Same computer than SET-1
Main Software: BPQ32 (2M band)
VARA FM modem (Same dedicated PCI sound card for VARA and Packet)
DIREWOLF modem configured with two ports 1200 and 9600 (Kiss) (Next step is separate two ports with dedicated sound cards and two instances of UZ7HO or Dwolf)
Antenna: vertical dual band COMET GP-9 at 8 meters elevation.

ICOM IC-756 (with some improvements (High stability crystal) (3Khz wide filter for RX) (Modern filters main board with WIDE swith for TX)
PACTOR 3 modem
Now under development.

The power consumption is a little high for a solar powered system but we are thinking in add some pannels and batterys near future for at least one computer and his radios.


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