All ITU and FRME gateways restricted to 25 minutes non registered Vara HF use.

All ITU and FMRE gateways will only allow 25 minutes of a Vara HF connection, if Vara HF is not registered.

RMS Trimode version is now installed on these systems.
* Add parameter to Vara Settings screen to specify maximum session length for calls coming from unregistered versions of Vara. Specify 0 minutes to block calls from unregistered Vara. This feature requires Vara HF version 4.4.5 or later on the RMS side, users do not need to upgrade.
25 minutes is the default, it can be adjusted.

Too many non registered Vara HF users are tying up the gateways and HF bands with 18 and 41 Bps connections.
25 minutes in an emergency will allow you to send short messages if needed.

If you use Vara HF, and it is your only HF protocol used, suggest registering it, to gain the higher speeds.

>>> NOTE: NOW SET FOR 15 Minutes. Will go lower in the future. <<<

SEE Photo for Gateway calls affected.

ITU and FMRE sponsered Gateways
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