AirMail Telnet Access to Winlink

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Updated October 20, 2014
Updated January 15, 2018

Telnet is an internet protocol for remote connections to computers. Winlink Express, Airmail and other client programs have a feature allowing users to send and receive mail messages at high speed via a telnet connection - a non-radio path across the internet directly to a Common Message Server (CMS) on TCP port 8772.

Winlink Express and Paclink users do not need to configure anything about telnet connections. The Winlink system's settings are built-in the programs. Airmail and other clients require setting parameters as follows.

Airmail users can get to the configuration form from the menu: "Tools>Options>Modules" and check the "Internet ACCESS (Telnet)" Option. Then go to the main "Modules" menu and click on "Internet Access (Telnet)." Click on "NEW" and input the configurations for Telnet Servers.

The preferred setup for accessing alternating CMS sites via telnet:

WL2K (Remote Call Sign; not case sensitive) (Remote Host; not case sensitive)
8772 (TCP Port Outbound)
30 (Timeout in seconds)
CMSTELNET (Password; not case sensitive) [Airmail calls this common passcode a 'password', unfortunately. Don't confuse this with your Winlink password for Webmail or the web site.]

Using the above configuration in Airmail's "Internet Access" option will allow the continued use should one or more CMS not be online.

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