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WX4PCA-10 Antenna down Dallas, Ga.

Working on antennas,


WX4PCA-10 West Metro Atlanta updating Computer HF Offline

FYI WX4PCA-10 VARA HF and ArDop on all HF Ports is off line. All VHF VARA FM and Packet are still on line.

Hope to be back up by April 1, 2022


WX4PCA-10 West Metro Atlanta VHF Packet and VARA FM 145.63

We now have aligned all operations for WX4PCA-10 on VHF Packet and VARA FM on 145.63.
You can Digi on 1200 baud Packet to WX4PCA-10 via PDARES . PDARES is located in Rockmart Ga
in West Paulding County at 330 ft above average terrain. This is a K-NET Node with PBBS and Digi turned
on for WinLink . This give very good coverage to WX4PCA-10 West and North of Metro Atlanta, Ga.


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