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WX4PCA-10 West Metro Atlanta WinMor/ArDop/VARA and VHF Packet

West Metro Atlanta, Georgia
3591.0 HF

WX4PCA-10 Antenna issue corrected 3591.0 Winmor

Antenna issues corrected sorry for delay.

WX4PCA-10 goes portable 3591.0 Winmor 1600 ( 4/3/2016 )

WX4PCA-10 will be portable for about ten days. It will move about 10 miles to check portability in the case of an emergency. It will
be running on a Dell Dual Core laptop with Trimode on HF NVIS Antenna and RMS Packet on VHF 145.630 from K-NET WX4PCA-7.
This is to make sure that portability is working properly. Please let me know how it works if you check-in and use the RMS Gate.
73 Lee WB4QOJ AEC Digital Paulding County Georgia ARES

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