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HF Winlink Down

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster HF Winlink is down. Water ingressed into the coax plus the door know capacitors have gotten really old and are not effective as they use to be..

We are looking for solutions to replace the coax and antenna. For now, HF is down

VA7TSA-10 145.030 is active
VA7TSA-10 144.9700 is active

I Will update when HF is active again. Funding is one of the major issue.


Don (va7dgp)
Sysop va7tsa

Computer Crashed. Died

I have been planning with the OS to keep Winlink software to work.

I hope next week to load Linbpq and gett the various tnc with vfo control working on the Icom 746 pro and the 2 vhf packet tnc.

Will advise when were are back online


Don va7dgp

Water Damage

We had a water break at the Center of Hope Salvation Army Abbotsford BC. I"m not sure what is damaged but the director turned off the power supplies and HF, Motorola and Kenwood V 71. I hope to get out there next week to see if or any damage to the equipment.

Pactor and Packet down at this time.


Don va7qu
Sysop VA7TSA


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