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KX4Z -- my signal BETTER or WORSE since a week ago?

About five days ago I changed the KX4Z winlink antenna to an end-fed 49:1 half-wave 135 foot, works on most bands easily with tuner. Did anyone notice any change in my signal level??? I have for years used a window-line fed random centerfed but the auto-tuner just goes NUTS some times on 30 meters so I finally decided to try something different. I'd be grateful if any regulars have noticed any difference, whether good or bad. Thanks, Gordon.

KX4Z -- Back in operation

Completed the most amazing week of tests of PACTOR WINLINK -- and thanks to DL6MAA we now have an on-the-fly monitoring solution for PACTOR WINLINK. KX4Z can now return to full time operation.

KX4Z temporarily OUT OF SERVICE -- HF

Have to use the station/modem for some tests for developing software/capture techniques needed for RM-11831. Not sure how long this is going to take, perhaps 1-3 weeks. Can put the station back on the air for hurricanes, etc.... Looking for volunteers to create traffic on selected gateways in Florida and nearby states as experimental "fodder" for my testing. ALSO LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL STATIONS TO TEST THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!! Thanks. Gordon


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