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HB9AK-4: New 2m VARA FM and PR gateway in western Switzerland

With HB9AK-4, SWISS-ARTG is now operating another VARA FM gateway in Switzerland. It is located at an altitude of 1140 m in Bullet (JN36GT) below Chasseron mountain. It supports VARA FM in WIDE and NARROW mode as well as Packet Radio 1200 Bd on 144.900 MHz. TRX is a YAESU FT-7900 with 25 W into an X-50 vertical.
Sysop: Martin, HB9AUR

HB9AK: back to normal operation on 40/30 m (fixed frequency)

After successful repair of the 30m TRX (RX was dead due to a blown fuse F911 in the TS-590), HB9AK is back to fixed frequency operation on 40 and 30m. There is one TRX for 40 m and one for 30 m, responding immediately to any connect attempt.

HB9AK: QRV again on 30 m (scanning)

The TRX that has been used for 30 m operation must be repaired - the RX is dead. The 40 m TRX is now used to service both 40 m and 30 m bands (scanning). So, if HB9AK is not answering on one of those bands, it might be busy on the other one. Try again later!
Martin HB9AUR
Sysop HB9AK


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